What you can expect...
Your lunch begins with a warm greeting from one of our servers who will seat you and bring a complimentary cup of hot tea accompanied by a delicious shortbread cookie. In addition to the complimentary tea, your lunch will include an iced tea or coffee and, upon request, your own personal pot of hot tea. Your server will give you the "menu of the day" verbally and take your lunch selection. Dessert, which is also included, follows the main course.

Henry's has a relaxed, charming atmosphere where you can dine, chat and shop all in one location!
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More than just a tearoom...
From the moment you enter the building and walk down the short flight of steps to the tearoom, you can't help but notice the available artwork, trinkets, collectibles and antiques that adorn the walls and decorate the rooms of Henry's Tearoom. A sense of nostalgia may begin and you will likely start to reminisce as many of the items you see bring back fond memories. It is almost a certainty that you will end your tearoom experience with one of the finest meals you've ever had, but we encourage you to browse the rest of the building which you may find is more like a stroll down Memory Lane. As you peruse the aisles, rooms and walls of Henry's Antiques and Collectibles that display vintage furniture, antiques, jewelry, collectibles, glassware, linens, stationery, paintings, prints, nostalgic, retro and one of a kind items time will become less important as each memory makes you feel more and more at home.

Wine available upon request!